A strategic plan is like a road map.

StrategicPlanningMeetingAt UW Oshkosh, we are about to embark on the journey of creating a new, forward-looking strategic plan that will focus on the priorities of student success and academic excellence as well as prepare us for the upcoming reaccreditation process with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Strategic planning isn’t about what I want to do; it’s about what we’re capable of doing as a University. With that, Provost Lane Earns has been charged with leading the strategic planning process on the UW Oshkosh campus throughout 2015.

What I like about the creation of a strategic plan is it gives people an opportunity to dream. It’s very important a strategic plan comes from the ground up. As Provost Earns works his way through leading the process, feedback and engagement will be sought; the opinion of the campus community matters. In the end, we need to make sure we have a plan that best reflects the vision of the entire University.

The 2017 HLC reaccreditation process is admittedly a lot of work, but something we need to go through. I am confident that completing—and then implementing—a new strategic plan for UW Oshkosh is key in moving this institution forward.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for information about a new strategic planning website, which is aimed at keeping everyone up to date on the efforts. Ultimately the strategic planning process will allow all of us to reenvision what UW Oshkosh will be—I look forward to the participation and ideas of the campus community.

Strategic Planning Progress

The newly organized Strategic Planning Team met at the Alumni Welcome and Conference Center on Thursday, April 16, 2015, to continue the next phase of the University Strategic Plan process.

Guided by an outside consultant, Dr. Kathleen Paris, the team identified several themes for goal setting and for discussion by all members of the campus community in upcoming meetings in the fall. The team hopes to have a completed strategic plan in place by the end of December so that a separate Implementation Team can begin to identify strategies for enactment starting in January 2016.


Learn more about the reaccreditation process: