Chancellor's Study Group: Integrated Marketing Communications

Throughout the report there are references to “IMC,” which is customarily used to reference the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications. IMC is also a model of communications referred to as integrated marketing communications. For the purposes of this report, IMC will reference the model of communication while OIMC will reference the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications.

In April 2015, Chancellor Leavitt charged a Chancellor Study Group with the following tasks:

  1. Study national best practices of integrated marketing communications in a higher education organization.
  1. Work across campus to gather needs and concerns from stakeholders with regard to communication support services and coordination of efforts, identifying current communication resources that exist at UW Oshkosh.
  1. Develop and present organizational options and their pro’s and con’s with the following goals:
  • Optimizing the collaboration and coordination of resources
  • Presenting a unified voice and visual identity for the University
  • Maximizing operational efficiency
  • Improving strategic effectiveness
  • Measuring the impact of a unified effort
  • Ensuring campus needs are met while moving institutional priorities forward

This group was expanded in fall of 2015 and charged with creating a final recommendation for Chancellor Leavitt to use in the decision-making process.

The group was composed of the following members:

Jamie Ceman (chair), AVC OIMC

Mandy Potts, OIMC

Peggy Breister, OIMC

Ivana Milosovic, College of Business

Lori Halstead, University Staff Council appointee

Brandon Miller, AVC Enrollment Management

Brian Klinger, Administrative Services

Ashley Meyer, Student – Oshkosh Student Association appointee

Melissa Bublitz, College of Business

Richard Marshall, Senate of Academic Staff appointee

Sara Steffes Hansen, College of Letters and Science

Stephen Kercher, Faculty Senate appointee


Study Group Members

  • Jamie Ceman, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Melissa Bublitz, Assistant Professor, Marketing
  • Sara Hansen, Associate Professor, Journalism
  • Brian Klinger, Purchasing Manager, Administrative Services
  • Heibing, Madison-based Marketing Firm