Chancellor's Study Group: Financial Business Processes (FBP)

FBP Chancellor’s Study Group Membership

  • Jean Kwaterski, Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor and Business Manager, Student Affairs
  • Deborah Matulle, Interim Controller, Administrative Services
  • Sabina Schiessl, Director of Accounting, Foundation
  • Nathan Stuart, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, College of Business
  • Lori Worm (facilitator), Associate Vice-Chancellor, Administrative Services

FBP Chancellor’s Study Group Charge

This Chancellor’s Study Group was created to provide a targeted and focused review of best practices to increase efficiency and effectiveness related to financial business processes and fiscal management (FBP).

Specifically, the Study Group was to:

  • Study national best practices, including private-sector principles, to optimize financial business processes and fiscal management
  • Gather, from stakeholders across campus, transactional, advisory, analytical, and strategic fiscal management needs and/or concerns
  • Identify resources supporting campus financial business processes and fiscal management, including, but not necessarily limited to, personnel and shadow systems
  • Develop and present two to three new service delivery models and their pros and cons addressing the following goals:
    • Enhancing the efficiency, strategic effectiveness, and quality of financial/budget services
    • Ensuring a comprehensive strategy utilizing concepts such as enabling technology, shared services, process reengineering, process standardization, business process outsourcing, and change in organizational structure
    • Defining competitive positioning of services as it relates to skills and resources
    • Identifying the impact of a new service delivery model
    • Facilitating continuous improvement of core financial business processes and fiscal management


 Resources and Supporting Documents